April 9, 2010

Treatment, Symptoms and Cure for Dropsy

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

Dropsy isn’t a term usually used nowadays. The term refers to something called as fluid overload. However, the term was initially used when a person wished to describe a particular set of symptoms. Such symptoms included problems with the legs, abdomen and feet such as swelling and congestion in addition to congestion of one’s lungs. The term comes from the Greek term used for water. These particular set of symptoms are now recognized as group of symptoms that are typically linked to heart failure. The problem referred to as dropsy could also simply indicate edema on account of heart failure. The condition of edema is likely to be more noticeable in the patient’s feet in addition to their lower legs when the day comes to an end. This is typically the type of edema that is most likely to occur and this is called peripheral edema. Some of the individuals who are at a higher risk of getting dropsy include those who have diabetes as well as excessive sodium in the diet.


Natural treatments can really help with the symptoms of dropsy. After reading the problems which could lead to a higher risk of this swelling issue, it is common sense to cut back on sodium in one’s daily diet. Sodium content is typically a lot higher in packaged foods; so one will have to keep an eye out for sodium content in such packets. A much better option would be to eliminate such unhealthy food options altogether and include fresh vegetables as well as a variety of fresh fruits. It is easy to succumb to a lifestyle where unhealthy food is the norm. Your body and health would benefit immensely if you make simple changes such as eliminating fatty food and processed food from your snacks and meals. Besides salt content, your meals should have less of meats as well as refined sugars. This would mean that those high calorie pastries which have low nutritional value and are full of refined sugars should definitely not be part of your diet. Look for herbs as well as a range of natural foods which also function as diuretics. This means that these would help one get rid of excess water and toxins. For instance, coconut water is one of the ways in which edema may be treated. One of the herbs which can help those with dropsy is dandelion, which could be taken in the form of tea.