October 27, 2010

Prevention of Swimmer’s Itch Symptoms

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Swimmer’s itch can be described as an itchy rash, which occurs due to contact with certain parasites that generally reside on freshwater snails and waterfowl. These parasites are generally released into freshwater ponds and lakes on warm days. When people go swimming in infested water, the parasites could burrow into their skin and cause a swimmers itch. In spite of the fact that the swimmer’s itch could cause a lot of discomfort, it is hardly ever a serious condition. Moreover, most cases of swimmer’s itch do not last for more than a week, as humans are not the most suitable hosts for these parasites. Hence the parasites generally die within a week, even if no swimmers itch cure or treatment options are used. There are very few instances where the swimmers itch may be severe.


There are two main symptoms that are associated with a mild case of swimmers itch. The first one is itchiness on the skin and the second is a red rash, which is generally raised. These signs are generally only seen on that portion of skin that was in direct contact with the water. So the part of the skin that was covered with a swimsuit, wet suit or waders should not be affected by the itch. It could take up to 48 hours for the swimmers itch symptoms to appear. Moreover, it is possible to feel the itchiness, without developing the rash. However, if the swimmer is exposed to the same parasites once more, then the rash will probably be more severe. In case the swimmers itch is severe, the person may develop fever, feel nauseous or even suffer from sleepless nights, due to the intense itchiness. It may be best to consult a doctor if the more severe symptoms are evident. Moreover, if the rash and itch do not disappear within a week, or if the rash contains pus, then it is important to visit a doctor immediately, for a proper swimmers itch cure.

A swimmers itch cure usually comprises of over the counter anti-itch creams or antihistamines. Calamine lotion could also be used as an effective form of a swimmers itch cure. Doctors may prescribe certain oral and topical medication, only in severe cases. However, a swimmer’s itch cure is rarely ever required, at least in the milder cases. Most people get relief from the condition, by using a simple swimmers itch remedy.


Covering the area with a clean and wet washcloth can relieve some of the itchiness. Several people also alleviate the itchy feeling by soaking in a bath sprinkled with Epsom salts or oatmeal. Some people claim that baking soda is the most effective swimmers itch treatment and can be applied in the form of a paste to the skin, for instant relief.

Even though this is not a serious problem, swimmers itch prevention is preferable rather than suffering from the discomfort and trying to treat the condition. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid swimming in water that may contain parasites or other harmful germs.