What are the symptoms of piles and suggest some home remedies?

Piles have various symptoms. For most part, the symptoms of this particular problem depend largely upon the type of piles you have. There are a couple of types you would have to contend with. One of the commonest forms of piles is hemorrhoids. These are a condition wherein the nerve endings towards your anus have been ruptured. This is a common after effect of straining during labor, so these are also commonly known as post pregnancy piles. They could also be caused in people who suffer from the problem of excessively hard stools and have to strain excessively to have a bowel movement. These piles feel like there are a few boils that have developed on your anus, but are actually not visible. This is basically because the swelling caused by ruptured nerve endings feels like little boils. In order to take care of this particular type of piles, you would have to ensure that you have soft stools, so that there is no excessive pressure applied to your anus. Make sure your diet is rich in fiber and fluids. This will enable you to have naturally soft stools and will help you to get cured faster. You can also apply a little bit of Vaseline to your anal cavity, going in about a centimeter or so. This will also help to facilitate your bowel movements to a great extent. The typical symptoms of this particular type of piles are excessive pain in the anal area, which is often accompanied by swelling and bleeding. Bleeding piles, particularly, are usually of this kind.

Sometimes excessive spice in the food can also lead to formation of lesions in your anal area. This particular type of piles can only be taken care of by reducing the spice quotient in your food. This will now allow your anal cavity to burn due to excess spice that would typically be emitted though stools. Typically symptoms of this type of piles include burning sensations while having a bowel movement. Sometimes, there may also be some amount of bleeding when having a bowel movement. In all cases of piles, you need to make sure that the food you eat is light and easy to digest. This will facilitate normal to soft bowel movements, as opposed to hard ones. You should also avoid using toilet paper when you are suffering from piles. Use water to wash instead, and use toilet paper only to pat dry.

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