I have large breast and become sweaty underneath and cause a rash?

The rashes that you suffer from are caused due to the development of bacteria in the areas under the breast. These bacteria are allowed to develop because of the constant moist conditions caused by perspiration. The rash could also be the result of an allergy to the kind of clothing or underwear that you wear or the soap that you use. Try making changes in these areas to see if your symptoms subside.

The best way to keep the development of bacteria at bay is too reduce the amount you perspire you can achieve this by wearing looser clothing and taking a shower as often as you can during the day. Avoid the use of synthetic clothing and underwear as it may cause an allergy and further aggravate your symptoms. To treat the rash immediately you can try the help of various over the counter anti bacterial creams to stop the infection from spreading. Once the infection is controlled concentrate on maintaining your breast area clean as far as possible, which eventually get rid of the rash completely. However if the rash becomes inflamed or spreads even further after these measures it is advised that you contact your doctor in order to find out whether the rash is due other health reasons.

answered by M W

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