November 12, 2009

How To Get Rid of Dry Skin Blisters?

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The three main causes for the formation of blisters include excessive heat, moisture and friction. Often running is one of the main causes of blisters. Excess heat is produced during running and excess heat in shoes leads to sweat that causes friction between the shoe and the foot. This results in foot blisters. When the skin is damaged by friction, rubbing, and exposure to heat, cold or harsh chemical, a blister is formed. Blisters are itchy and painful.

When humidity levels drop significantly, dry skin blisters occur. In winter, humidity level decreases. Dehydration of the skin occurs rapidly as water escapes from the skin at a faster rate. This results in shrinking of skin. Since the shrinkage of skin is extremely rapid, one cannot even feel the change of his/her skin. Drying of skin results in the formation of blisters. Blisters can also occur due to certain medical conditions such as chicken pox, herpes, and dyshidrosis as well.


Usually, no treatment is required as blisters heal on their own and the fluid inside the blister is reabsorbed by the skin itself. Allowing blisters to heal on their own is advisable, as popping them might lead to an open wound and this will increase the chance of infection. Thus, it is best to wait out the healing process. Recovery tips include covering the blister with gauze bandage as that helps to protect it. If the blister is punctured accidentally, wash it with an antiseptic lotion, apply antibiotic ointment, and put a bandage.

Big and painful blisters require puncturing to drain the fluid. While draining blisters, make sure to leave the skin intact as this is the protective layer of the wound. First wash the blister using an antiseptic lotion. Sterilizing the needle is vital to disinfect it. Heat the needle tip to red hot and immerse it in alcohol. Use the needle to then make a poke the blister and drain the fluid gently. Once the blister is punctured, apply antibiotic ointment to it and sput a non-adhesive bandage on it. It is best to get this done by a medical professional.

By removing dead skin cells, one can get rid of dry skin blisters. Daily washing of the affected skin with salicylic acid can resolve the problem easily. If skin blister is caused due to an internal problem like fever, malaria, diarrhea, one should see the doctor immediately. Blisters that are painful, swollen, filled with pus or blood, should also be checked by a doctor.

There are certain home remedies that help to soothe the blisters.

  • It is essential to prevent blisters from getting infected. Wash them with cold water and mild soap twice daily. Applying aloe vera pulp or fresh milk on the blisters can enhance the healing process and prevent further worsening. Moist wet tea bag assists healing of blisters.
  • Dry sun blisters are caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. Dry sun blisters are painful and take time to heal. Applying an ice-pack, aloe vera gel, honey, milk, oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, essential oils, and yogurt can fasten the healing process.

In order to prevent dry skin blisters, drinking plenty of fluids is necessary.