Please suggest some tips to avoid low blood pressure.

A person suffers from low blood pressure or hypotension when his blood pressure falls below the normal mark. This condition implies that the sufferer's system is debilitated and weak. This weakness makes the heart unable to force the blood through arteries as strongly as is required. Resultantly, there is a reduction of blood flow in the heart, brain, and skeletal muscles. The lack of blood flow in these and other organs then results in symptoms like weakness, laziness, exhaustion, and dizziness. The patient also suffers episodes of fainting every time the arterial pressure dips even further especially when he stands or sits erect. The major causes of someone suffering from hypotension are malnutrition, faulty diet, loss of blood and internal bleeding, anxiety, stress, and prolonged mental tension or unhappiness.

One can easily treat hypotension if they paid attention to their nutrition and kept tension at bay. Since malnutrition and faulty diet result in low blood pressure, the patient must have a healthy and balanced diet with lots of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and raw vegetables, especially those that are rich in calories, Vitamin C, all types of Vitamin B, and proteins. A healthy diet also keeps the problems of the kidneys, bladder, and the gastrointestinal tract at bay, since slow bleeding in these parts is also responsible for hypotension. It's also important to be hydrated at all times because dehydration decreases blood volume in turn making the pressure drop. So, the sufferer must consume at least two liters of water and lots of juices everyday, especially raw beetroot juice. Taking one cup of this juice two times everyday can improve the condition greatly in as short as one week's time.

The sufferer can also increase the intake of salt as it increases blood pressure. But, one cannot go overboard with intaking salt as it has other health hazards like water retention. A regular light exercise regime like walking, swimming, and cycling keeps the system vitalized and blood pressure normal. Another effective remedy is soaking about 20 raisins in a bowl of water overnight and taking the raisins one by one the next morning on an empty stomach and drinking up the water. Or, soak seven pieces of almond in water overnight, peel them and make a paste the next morning, mix the paste in milk, and drink it. Soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath for 20 minutes every night before going to bed is also very beneficial.

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Avoiding Low Blood Pressure

You have probably heard quite a lot about the dangers of high blood pressure. For millions of people, high blood pressure is life threatening and requires careful monitoring. However, for many other people, high blood pressure is not the problem. In fact, they must think about their blood pressure being too low.

If you think that low blood pressure is good, then you are partially right. For some people, low blood pressure is quite normal. Athletes and those who are in excellent cardiovascular health may in fact find that their blood pressure is normally low. When you have to worry is when your normal range blood pressure suddenly falls or when an elderly patient suffers from low blood pressure. Drops in blood pressure can cause health problems and many doctors want to keep an eye on such medical conditions.

So, how do you avoid low blood pressure? Here are some ways to make sure that you do not suffer from this problem.

First of all, make sure you take it slow when you are standing up from a sitting position or when you sit up from a prone position. Sometimes, a sudden change in your position can cause blood to pool and deprives your brain of vital blood flow. This is often a temporary problem, but it can cause feelings of dizziness or even fainting.

If you have chronic problems with low blood pressure, your doctor may recommend that you wear compression stockings. These cover your calves and can help restrict the blood flow to your legs. This will help with your circulation and will keep your blood pressure in the normal ranges.

Exercise can also help with circulation. You don’t have to run or participate in high impact exercise everyday, but a walk around your neighborhood two or three times a week will help.

Keeping your body hydrated will also help prevent low blood pressure. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Water and sports drinks are perfect for your low blood pressure.

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