How do I reduce surgical scars?

Advancements in the medical field in the last few years has seen a number of surgical methods cure conditions that at one time were believed to be incurable. However, because of the fact that we live in a world that places a heavy load on a person's aesthetic appeal means that the side effects of a surgery - the scars that remain, are being closely examined and categorized in very negative light. It is easy to understand how people will see surgical scars as something that they do not want to have on their bodies, but the fact that the surgery is something that is extremely important in most cases can be easily overlooked by some. Coming back to the advancement in the medical fields, research is ongoing all the time to make sure that surgical scar removal is becoming an increasingly perfect reality. Of course, the importance and urgency with which a person desires to have any surgical scars removed will depend heavily on the location of the scar in the first place. The social embarrassment that people feel from having exposed surgical scars needs to be addressed as much as a mental condition and acceptance of the circumstances as it should be dealt with on a physical aesthetics level.

Understanding how scar tissue is formed will help you better how to care for your skin just after the surgery has been performed. Scar tissue is the body's own reaction to any kind of damage to tissue or skin cells. However, because it is unable to re-create healthy skin cells or tissue matter, it will cover the area with new fibers that will not serve the same functions as the skin that used to be there, but does act as a layer of protection for the organs and tissues that lie under the surface. This scar tissue is noticeably darker and thicker than the surrounding skin cells. Because of the fact that it also has a significantly limited blood supply the scar tissue will also appear much paler than the skin cells surrounding the area.

Before we get into the details of surgical scar removal, it is important to acknowledge the fact that scars can never be removed completely and that any treatment options will only mildly to significantly reduce the prominence of the scar tissue that exists. Vitamin E is considered to be the main ingredient when it comes to enriching and making the skin healthier. First off, you can always find a number of surgical scar removal creams at any medical store in your area. Follow the directions on the package to get the most potent advantage from the creams. Most of these products will ask you to apply the cream once or twice over the course of the day and are usually made up of some amount of onion extract, which has been medically proven to reduce the prominence of scar tissue. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that any results from using this method is always likely to take a considerable amount of time and any changes will only be noticeable after a couple of months at the earliest.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that people face when it comes to using these surgical scar removal creams is that, since they are not able to notice any changes in the first few months, they tend to give up on the product - thereby not giving the cream the amount of time required to work its magic. Surgical scar removal before and after results will vary between product, type of skin, regularity of use and a number of other conditions. Another widely used method to remove surgical scars is silicone based scar treatment sheets. These silicone sheets are placed over the scar tissue and left there for a period of a few weeks. It works by fading the scar over a period of time.

One very commonly overlooked method of home remedies for surgical scars is simply massaging the area of scar tissue. However, try as much as possible to only massage the area after you have applied some kind of surgical scar removal cream. The massage therapy works by breaking down the scar tissue into smaller and smaller units, thereby making it less noticeable as well.

As mentioned before, we live in a world that places a high priority on a persons physical appearance and, because of this, there are a number of unnatural scar removal options. Laser scar removal is becoming an increasingly sought after option, although it can be a rather expensive method of treatment. As a result, home remedies for scar tissue removal are the more popular option. There are a number of them that can be found through a variety of sources online as well as at your local bookstore.

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Home remedies to lighten surgical scars-

  1. These can be treated by applying honey wax on the scars and leaving it for 2-3 hours daily.
  2. In homeopathy you can take silicea 6c 5 pills once daily at bed time for 4 days. Then wait and watch for 10 days.

answered by D M K

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