Remedies To Reduce Redness from Chicken Pox Scars: I had some sort of skin infection, and now am trying to eliminate the scars caused by the chicken pox type sores that I had, also swelling. What would fade and reduce redness and scars?

To begin with, it is important to determine that you have recovered completely from the skin infection. Please ensure that the scars that are of concern to you are currently in a diminishing stage. Usually the reddish coloration that you notice after your Chicken pox sores have been healed is due to the visibility of the capillaries, which supply blood to the surface of your skin. The sores on your body which earlier contained a ‘serous’ fluid start to deflate, and the deflation of this fluid typically brings about this result in the skin. It is best to ignore them, as they disappear by themselves, allowing new layers of skin to buildup below the affected skin. It is however, a process that occurs over a period of time.

Some individuals who experience acne related disorders have an almost identical concern. There are certain strains of acne which can lead to scars and appear as reddish spots that can even persist for life. It would be a good idea to seek expert medical opinion to diagnose the nature of these scars. Some doctors may suggest that a minor surgical procedure remains the only alternative to eliminating them. It is important to bear in mind that scars cannot be removed permanently and the majority of surgery procedures for eliminating scars are conceptually based on erasing the scar tissue by way of rubbing or burning them. The body is able to repair the skin that is damaged by the collagen it produces, thus returning the skin to its original texture. The surgery has to be precise in as much that it completely eliminates the possibility of the scar tissue growing again. It is highly advisable to keep your skin sterile from bacteria and fungi as far as possible. This can be achieved by a regular application of slightly diluted tea tree oil.

There are few home remedies which can used to reduce the intensity of the scars:

  • Prepare a mixture made from sandalwood paste and black gram. Applying this mixture over the affected areas will help in reducing the severity of the scars.
  • Also try applying ice cubes to rub them over the affected area in order to tighten the skin.
  • You can apply the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon mixed with the extracts of fresh cucumber to lessen the intensity of the scars.
  • Vitamin E oil is also known to be beneficial for the skin affected by scars, but seek a doctor’s recommendation about the quantity of vitamin E oil to be applied to the skin.  
  • Aloe vera gel or cod liver oil can be applied on the scars to prevent them from deepening.

answered by G M

You can try rubbing the inside of the skin of a watermelon (after scraping off the red fruit), this will give instant relief by giving a cooling effect and also possibly reduce redness.

Take some oat (flakes) and grind into a powder. Make a paste of this with water and use this instead of soap while bathing. This relieves itching and redness.

Sandalwood oil (not paste) should be applied to the affected area since the first day of appearance of rash till the fall of scabs.

Apply Vitamin E oil over the skin will also help the healing process.

Honey smeared over the skin will help reduce redness.

It is important to realize that it is difficult to get rid of scars. They do not disappear with natural treatments. Various medical treatments like dermabrasion, punch grafts, chemical peels and laser treatments will help to smoothen out scars or lessen them. These should be administered from a professional preferably a dermatologist.

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