Remedies for dark vagina

Dark vaginal color may be due to wearing of polyester or synthetic underwear. Always wear cotton underwear and reserve a few loose ones for the bedtime, so that the skin can breathe easily during the night. Maintain a proper hygiene. Cleaning the vagina regularly, changing the underwear daily, changing sanitary napkins or tampons often, and using good quality sanitary pads during periods will prevent further discoloration of the vagina. This darkening may also be due to the side effects of using certain medications or lubricating creams. Pregnancy and hyper pigmentation due to excessive insulin in the body may also cause dark skin vagina. Women with type 2 diabetes often have dark vagina.

Dark vagina develops in some women as they approach menopause, which is quite normal. However, there are some common home remedies for the discoloration of the vagina. Please note that you have to be patient while adhering to these natural cures. It is important to regularly apply these remedies at least for two months for significant results.

  • Apply a thick layer of a mixture of unsweetened, fresh yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice on the affected area and rinse off after 20 minutes.
  • A mixture of lemon juice and turmeric paste is a natural bleach to treat this darkening.
  • Sometimes a bacterial infection also causes itchiness around the vagina. As a result, darkening may develop due to constant itching. Apply a good anti-bacterial cream whenever there is vaginal itching.
  • Cleaning the vagina with baking soda or rubbing a piece of lemon is also one of the reliable remedies for dark vagina.
  • Yogurt can also be mixed with dried orange peel powder and finely powdered oatmeal. This a very effective home remedy in case of vaginal darkening in pregnant women.
  • Using any kind of talcum powder on the vagina should be avoided.

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