Natural remedy for dark lips: how to change the color of dark lips (by birth) in to better pinkish color any medicines are for this.

Dark lips are seen due to various reasons. In your case, it might be genetic, as your dark lips are there since birth. Smoking and drinking caffeinated beverages in excess is the other reason. Applying vaseline helps in keeping the lips moisturized. But regular use results in dark lips. Clarified butter or clarified butter is an effective remedy. Application of lime juice helps in lightening the skin, as lime juice is natural bleach. Avoid sucking the lips.

Topical application of olive oil proves beneficial. Wear lipsticks with high sun protection factor (SPF). This helps in further tanning of the lips. One to two cups of tea or coffee are allowed per day. Nicotine in cigarettes also results in dark lips. Avoid wearing lipsticks to bed. Remove them well, before retiring to bed. Expired lipsticks are equally harmful. It might contribute to a variety of skin conditions. Branded lip colors are recommended.

Never opt for unbranded lip colors, as they are cost effective. A mixture of lime juice with almond oil is an excellent remedy. An artificial method of making the lips look pink is by applying a lipstick and dabbing some compact powder on it. Rub it evenly with your fingers and blot the excess with a tissue.

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