I used to have severe itching in my private's coz of some unknown skin problem. It even went to my underarms. All the itching areas turned dark in color. I used a cream and it went away but the dark color is still there?

This situation is commonly caused by insulin resistance, blood sugar and sweat attracting jock itch or yeast infection. when you use anti-fungal cream, they take care of invading organism but poor circulation to this skin area is residue of the creams.

The suggested remedy aims at restoring blood circulation in the area. Take Bhimsen camphor, a camphor having very large crystals, crush it and add to extra virgin olive oil, the volume ratio 1:3. Make a smooth paste and apply to dark skin. do this for 6 weeks and note difference.

Along with this, you should also remove insulin resistance. Take 1/2 tsp (or less in case you find it more hot) cinnamon powder with 1 tsp honey before meals.

Soak 1 tsp fenugreek seeds in 1 cup water at bedtime and drink this water next morning empty stomach, eating nothing 30 minutes thereafter. Tea/coffee should be taken only 30 minutes after fenugreek water. Jogging will also help after taking fenugreek water.

answered by S B

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