Runny Nose in Children: My 3yr old son will not take over the counter or prescribed medicines for his cough and runny nose. What can I give him to help heal the symptoms?

A little runny nose in children is fine and medication is not always necessary for that. As long as there is no asthmatic tendency or severe chest congestion, natural remedies for runny nose are the best option for kids. Make sure that you keep him hydrated while practicing these remedies.

Runny nose is better than stuffy nose. Homemade brine nasal drops (made by boiling little salt with water) are one of the most sought after and safe home remedies for runny nose in kids. Put three drops into each nostril three times a day and allow it to go into the nasal passage. It is best to make the child lie down facing the bed. Gently pat the back of the child to loosen mucous. Allow him to blow his nose very often.

Warm mustard oil massage twice a day on the chest, back, palms, under the feet, forehead, and over the nose will have an instant effect if there is a coughing runny nose.Some essential oils that may be helpful are eucalyptus, cinnamon, thyme, or peppermint.Steaming with one of these is extremely beneficial in loosening the cough. Mix a few drops of any of these in his bath water and spray a little amount on the upper half of his shirt as well.

A vitamin C rich diet is best for him. Include oranges, lemons, and strawberries in his daily food; but avoid cheese and yogurt because these help in mucous buildup. If possible, make him eat a small piece of raw onion or raw ginger. Fuming fresh turmeric root in linseed oil is one of the natural remedies for runny nose. Let your kid inhale the smoke for at least 5 min two times a day. Propping the head up while your kid is sleeping will ensure that the nose is not stuffy at night.

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