How do I to stop a runny nose?

A runny nose is one of the most frustrating medical complaints ever, and it is something we all have to deal with every now and then. Usually it is only a temporary problem – the result of a cold or an allergic reaction. The common cold is an infection that is resolved on its own, usually within a week, and allergic reactions usually subside soon after the allergen has been removed. However, in the meanwhile, some simple home remedies can help to ease the discomfort of a runny nose.

While constantly having your nose drip can be extremely irritating, it is important to allow your body to get rid of the mucus. Especially in the case of allergies, this is how the body tries to flush out the offending substance from the sinuses and the nasal passages. The faster this is achieved, the sooner will the problem be solved. It is therefore very important to drink plenty of water, as this loosens the mucus secretions, helping get rid of them more effectively. If you are not drinking enough water, mucus secretions will be thick, and this will only make the problem worse. Dry weather also has a similar effect, which is why a humidifier is sometimes recommended when indoors, especially during winter.

Even if these factors are taken care of, steam inhalation will help clear out mucus still more effectively. You can either steam up your bathroom by running a hot shower, or you can inhale steam from a basin of hot water. Nasal irrigation is also extremely useful in treating a runny nose. Saline solutions are available over the counter for this purpose, but you can also create your own saline solution by dissolving a pinch of salt in a cup of warm water. You can put a few drops of this solution in each nostril while it is still warm, using a dropper.

If you frequently suffer from a runny nose, you might want to get yourself checked for allergies. Allergy tests today are quite accurate, and can help you learn if there are any foods and other substances that you need to avoid. You could also try experimenting yourself, with common allergies such as milk, nuts, and so on. Keeping your surroundings as free of dust as possible will probably also help. If in spite of this you continue to suffer from a runny nose, you should consult a doctor.

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