1 month baby has 98.9 degrees fahrenheit fever today following clear runny nose for 5 days. Doctor detects ear infection and prescribed amoxicilin antibiotic 2 times for 10 days, I am a non believer of antibiotics. Kindly help thank you

Fever and runny nose remedies

Acute ear infection in infants can lead to irritability, accompanied by fever, cold, runny nose and trouble sleeping. Since the ear, nose and throat are all connected; sometimes a cold, runny nose may also be the causes of the ear infection when the space behind the eardrums gets clogged with mucus. When the bacteria grow too much in this mucus it leads to ear infections which can be painful for infants. While most ear infections go away by themselves, it is wise not to ignore them since they could grow to something more serious.

Apply warm compresses or a warm-water bottle to the infant's ear to provide relief from the pain. You should also make the child undergo steam cleansing, by way of sitting in a shower closet where steam has been allowed to accumulate, for 10 to 15 minutes. This will loosen the mucus and help in decongesting the chest and other blocked tubes in the ear and nasal cavity. A drop of eucalyptus oil or lavender oil added to a facial steamer or dropped onto the pillow can help in clearing out the congestion faster. Make the child drink more liquids so that the secretions become thinner and the body cleanses itself naturally. Also, make your child sleep in a slightly upright position to make it easier to breathe. Finally remember never to administer aspirin to your child and not to give him any medication without consulting a doctor first.

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