What can I do for my 14 month old with a runny nose and a night cough?

While a cold and cough can be very bothersome for infants, very often it is the parents who are more bothered by it, than the child itself. Before starting any medication or other treatment, stop and confirm that you are not over reacting. A runny nose and cough are not uncommon in children and often get cured overnight. As long as the child is happy, active and not distressed by the runny nose, there is no need to start treatment. Also check if it is caused by a virus or because of an allergic reaction to something in the house since that is often the case. In case of the latter, take the child out of the house for the night and remove the irritant from his environment.

Apart from that, if your child has a cold and cough, ensure that he is getting plenty of liquids so that he doesn't dehydrate and feed him a lot of warm liquids such as soups too soothe the throat. To get rid of any congestion, use a vaporizer, or take the child into a bathroom filled with steam and sit with him in the bathroom for around 10 minutes. The steam will loosen the congestion and make it easier for the child to breathe. You should also make the child sleep with the head slightly elevated with a pillow, so that he doesn't have any problems breathing. If the symptoms persist, then consult a doctor for adequate medication.

answered by G M

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