I got a cut on my thumb about a week ago-it seemed to be healing fine but knows appears to be slightly infected and swollen-any natural remedy for infection

The best thing to do here is to first clean the cut thoroughly with soap and hot water (yes, this will sting). Then, once it is dry, apply Tea Tree Oil twice daily and keep it covered with a band aid or similar bandaging material to keep it clean. Once the infection has gone away, you should stop covering it so that it can continue to heal. Keep the cut clean and continue applying the Tea Tree Oil once or twice each day. Tea Tree Oil is one of natures most powerful disinfectants and it also has very unique healing properties that were discovered by the native peoples of Australia more than 4,000 years ago. It is very important that while your cut is covered, you change the bandage twice daily when you clean the cut and apply the Tea Tree Oil. This will prevent the infection getting worse or happening again. Tea Tree Oil may sting a little at first, but then it will be very soothing to the problem area. It is important NOT to get the Tea Tree Oil full strength in your eyes as it can burn and cause eye damage unless properly diluted for use as eye drops.

answered by R P

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