Advices & Remedies for Paper Cuts under Nail Bed

The best way to deal with this is to cut your nail away from the paper cut so you have access to it. Then you need to clean the area with warm water and soap. After this, let it dry for a little while in the open air and then put tea tree oil on it and wrap it. Change the wrapping twice a day and clean the finger each time and then add tea tree oil. Take some Olive Leaf extract to fight the infection internally. You should be just fine by continuing this treatment until the cut heals.

If you start to see red lines leading away from the cut or develop a fever, it is time to seek the help of a natural health specialist for further treatment so that you can avoid a major problem. Something as small as a paper cut can be very painful, but it can also cause major problems if the infection spreads to other areas. Be very careful to keep the cut CLEAN. Monitor how you feel and if you feel a fever coming on or the cut is not healing, then it is time to call the specialist. It is important not to wait too long on this one so that you are safe from complications.

answered by R P

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