Home remedies to cure wound infection

Try these natural and simple home remedies to draw out infection from your cut -

  • First apply little honey over the cut to avoid the spread of infection. Honey has natural antibiotic properties which will help to seal the cut.
  • Apply dry turmeric powder on the cut and tie the cut with a thin muslin cloth. Turmeric has natural anti-bacterial properties that will help to heal the infection.
  • Garlic also has good antiseptic and wound healing property. Dilute garlic and apply it on the infected area, because if applied directly it can cause damage to the skin.
  • Press warm tea bag on the infected cut for 10 minutes. The tannic acid in tea will help heal the infection. To warm the tea bag, dip it in a glass of warm water for 10 minutes and then apply on the infected area.

If the infection spreads or worsens then consult a specialist for immediate medical attention.

answered by S P

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