I want to do pre-marital sex, do I need to use contraceptives? Is Condom is sufficient?

While premarital sex was considered to be taboo in previous decades, the trend is becoming increasingly common amongst the youth of today. Moreover, there is also a tendency for people to not just engage in premarital sex, but also perform it with multiple partners, depending largely on their moods. While there is nothing really scientifically wrong with the actions, it goes against a number of religious views of keeping one’s self pure for the person that they choose to spend the rest of their lives with. However, the counter argument to this is that a number of couples are known to have ended their marriages as a result of sexual frustration where one partner is not able to fully satisfy the other partner. Most individuals will see premarital sex as being the only way of gauging two individuals sexual compatibility. While there is nothing lawfully wrong with the practice (as long as both participants are above the legal age) the questions about whether it should be tolerated is more of a moral one. Another aspect of premarital sex that is often not considered, but should actually be taken very seriously is whether the act is safe, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. While the physical risks involved are very intensely considered in most cases – with studies showing that about 50% of all individuals suffering from HIV within the age bracket of 15 and 24, the emotional damage that a bad experience can do is often only an afterthought. Engaging in sex is a very powerful experience and will affect your life and lifestyle significantly. It is therefore extremely important that one understands the actions that he or she is participating in. A number of people have consulted therapists after engaging in premarital sex as they seem to have been affected by a lot of guilt, distrust, resentment and a lack of respect.

Probably the biggest fear of premarital sex, apart from the sexually transmitted diseases, is the fear of being impregnated. In a society that still really looks down a bit on an unmarried mother, the girl can experience a significant amount of stress, tension and nervousness if her period does not start on time if she has engaged in premarital sex. Learning that she is pregnant is likely to cause her to consider abortion as the only way out to avoid embarrassing herself as well as her family. The use of a condom while participating in premarital intercourse could be considered as being very important. This is because condoms to some extent could help prevent pregnancy while also preventing the development of a sexually transmitted disease. However, it is important to remember that while the use of a condom does help prevent pregnancy or even the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, it is not a fool proof or guaranteed method as there is always the chance that the condom could tear and result in the pregnancy or infection. Moreover, it is important that both participants also get as much information on the types of sexually transmitted diseases and the various methods of transmission as participating in unprotected oral sex can also be the cause.

Having premarital intercourse a number of times would lead to teenage pregnancy which means that the girl gets pregnant even before she reaches the age of 20. Getting back to your main question, while the best way to avoid any kind of sexually transmitted disease is to abstain from sex, if you choose to engage in it, a good quality condom may be sufficient as long as it is only intercourse being conducted. In the event that oral sex or any other sexual activities that result in an exchange of bodily fluids taking place, you will have to look at other methods of safeguarding yourself.

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