What to try for myeolodysplasia syndrome just diagnosed?

Treatment for Preleukemia

Before we start anything – please remember this – your condition is a grave disorder. Please do not attempt to cure this with home remedies. You need a high level of hospital and medical care.

Your condition is also called preleukemia. This means that the functions of your body that are responsible for producing blood cells are not normal. If you have been diagnosed with this serious illness, you need to consult with a specialist doctor to treat this disease.

Your symptoms might vary from anemia (tiredness, shortness of breath) to an increased probability of catching infections to even bleeding profusely with minor cuts.

Your therapy will aim at controlling the symptoms. Once you have a control over your quality of life, the changes of progressing to acute leukemia are slim. This is achieved through blood transfusion. Please visit a reliable source to do all your blood related operations. These days the risks of contracting HIV from blood transfusion is high, so please ensure that the source is reliable and certified. You need a good blood care support. If this fails, a bone marrow transplant is the next in line of defence. Finally, there's also chemotherapy.

Be strong. A strong mind can fight back any illness.

answered by G M

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