How To Get Rid Of Pain In Vagina After Sex?

A lot of women often feel discomfort during or after sexual intercourse. This pain is usually centered on vaginal, pelvic and labial region. This pain is called dyspareunia and interestingly enough has been recorded even in the most ancient of civilizations.

Fortunately, because of the studies and researches done on this condition, today the intricacies of this condition are known and it can be easily identified and treated.

It has been estimated that about 60% of world’s entire female population has sometime or the other experienced vaginal pain after sexual intercourse. Unfortunately less than half of these women ever discuss their problem with a doctor. Due to the nature of this condition, this pain during intercourse often remains undetected.

The incidence of vaginal pain after intercourse has increased lately. There are many possible reasons behind this, the foremost of which is the changing sexual behavior of people. Today, there is also an increase in the incidences of sexually transmitted diseases because of which there is an increased participation in discussing sexual behavior. If the pain is occasional and superficial, it could have occurred due to the spasm in the muscles of the vagina. This could be caused due to forced or painful penetration. The deeper dyspareunia could have many possible causes. An infection in the uterus that causes it to inflame can be a cause for this. An infection in the ovaries or fallopian tubes can also contribute to the pain.

The first thing to do is to get yourself checked for any infections in the reproductive organs. If you are infected, you may in turn infect your partner too. A quick test for sexually transmitted diseases can put your mind to rest about potential risk of infection. If you are suffering from Chlamydia, which causes similar symptoms, get treatment immediately. Chlamydia is an infection that can be sexually transmitted and cause fertility problems in the future.

Since most women experience pain during penetration, inadequate lubrication of the vagina could also be a reason. It is best to get yourself a lubricating gel to apply before you have sexual intercourse. Apply this gel on the labial region and the vulva. This could ease the penetration process and make the sexual intercourse less painful. Also get yourself checked for yeast infections, vaginitis and urinary tract infection. Foreplay is essential as it helps with lubrication and minimizes friction thereby reducing discomfort.

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