Information on enlarged breast due to weight gain

Breasts do not have a consistent size or shape and there is no shape that can be considered perfect. Depending upon your body structure, a different shape and size would be best suited for you. The size, shape, and structure of your breasts depend on your growth rate and growth mechanism. Their color can be light or dark; dependent on your mechanism and skin tone. Breasts are primarily made of mammary glands, which are the milk producing glands and fatty tissues. Areola, the dark area that surrounds your nipples on your breast, grows with the growth of your breasts and develops a darker tone of color. The color of your nipples and the Areolae can vary in color ranging from purple to pink and this color depends on the color of your skin. With the development of your body, small bumps develop under your nipples, known as the breast bud, and with the growth of the breast buds, your breasts also grow round and large. The growth of breasts starts when you reach puberty. Puberty is the time in your life at which your body witnesses changes as there is a transition happening from your childhood to being an adult. Your breasts start to develop during this period due to the change in hormonal levels in your body. Nutrition, along with heredity, helps determine when your breasts will start to develop and when this period of puberty begins. Breast development, in most girls, begins when they are the age of ten or eleven. This age can differ depending on the growth mechanism of your body.

Breasts take a period of about five years to attain full size and shape. Development of breasts might start earlier or later but that in no way affects the full size and shape of your breasts. The foremost factor that helps determine the way your breasts would be or develop is heredity. Diet or exercises cannot help the breast size to change. The size of your breasts might undergo a change after your pregnancy or after you experience weight gain or loss. A well-balanced diet affects the growth of all organs in your body and breasts, like other organs, also get affected. If your diet contains the best nutrients that are desired for growth of breasts you might get the shape that you desire for your breasts. You should include plant fat in your diet and avoid the consumption of animal fat. You should also ensure that you always use a bra that fits well to ensure proper support and prevent sagging.

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