I Am Seeing Increasing Number Of Premature Graying Of My Eyebrow Hair. My Age Is 30Yrs. Please Advise Me Some Home Remedies?

Premature hair graying can be a cause of concern. However, this is a direct indication that your diet is lacking in vital nutrients. Another cause of your problem may be excessive strain and stress. Usually, hair tends to lose its color as a normal side effect of the ageing process. A small gland present in the hair follicles, known as the melanocyte, is responsible for producing the coloring pigment for hair. If the melanocyte fails to function properly or becomes non-functioning due to the age of a person, hair begins to turn gray. Stress and mental exhaustion are usually the main causes of introduction of tension in the scalp, due to which the melanocytes may cease to function normally.

If the skin has been irritated or is not getting proper nutrition, that too could cause malabsorption of nutrition in the scalp as well as premature graying of hair.

The best grey hair remedy is Indian Gooseberry. The oil of Indian Gooseberry would suffice the nutritional requirements of the scalp as well as the skin of the eyebrow. It is best to simply smear a small quantity of Indian Gooseberry oil on your eyebrows thrice a day. This not only remedies the graying of the hair, but also promotes eyebrow hair regrowth. Another great way to use Indian Gooseberry is to cut the fruit into pieces and remove the seed. Then keep the cut portions of the fruit in the sun to dry out for some time. Put these dried pieces of Indian Gooseberry in a container of coconut oil and boil the mixture till it begins to look dark and colloidal. Apply this thick oil to your eyebrows once a day and leave it overnight.

Apart from these home remedies for eyebrow hair regrowth, you may also consume gray hair vitamins. These vitamins are an excellent gray hair remedy. Vitamin A, C, and E are considered the best for gray hairs, whether on your head or on your face. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of all these vitamins. To improve eyebrow hair regrowth, you can also consume lots of water and citrus fruits, which are again loaded with vitamins of various kinds.

To improve the texture of the skin so that nutrients are better absorbed by your eyebrows, apply a paste of sandalwood and rosewater, which is considered to be one of the best cures for grey hair.

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Grey hair is widely considered to be one of the foremost signs of aging. As a result, a lot of people will start to get a little stressed out if the hair was to start turning grey at a relatively young age. However, it is not uncommon for this to happen and some people will start to experience the graying of hair as early as in their 20’s and 30’s. Much like in skin cells, the cells that are responsible for providing hair cells with their coloration are the melanocytes. Graying of the hair will take place when these melanocytes no longer produce either any or an insufficient amount of coloration to the hair. One of the most common causes of grey hair is hereditary – where the condition is passed down from one generation to another within the same blood line. Some of the other very common causes of grey hair include a faulty diet and stress. A faulty diet can impact the coloration of your hair as the hair is not receiving the right kind of minerals and vitamins from the blood stream while any significant amount of stress on the scalp cells will tend to suffocate the hair follicle. This would prevent any necessary nourishment being allowed to travel from the root of the hair, up its shaft. A healthy diet that is optimally designed for nourishment of the hair should include adequate amounts of iron, iodine, copper and Vitamin B. It is also important to note that the graying of hair could also be attributed to any excessive use of chemical substances or lotions as well as the use of hair dryers and blowers.

The most effective treatment option when dealing with premature grey hair – whether it is present on the head or the eyebrows, would be to cut a few pieces of the Indian gooseberry fruit and leave it in the sun under some shade in order for it to dry up. Once it has dried, put the pieces of fruit in a bowl containing coconut oil and allow it to boil to a point where all that remains is a black charred residue. This residue should be applied to your hair and allowed to act on it over the course of the night. When you wake in the morning, wash the oil off. Repeating this on a few occasions will help promote the re – coloration of your hair. You could also try creating combination hair oil by mixing some quantities of ribbed gourd with the Indian gooseberry and soak them in the coconut oil for about 4 days after having let them dried.

answered by G M

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