Vitamins for Gray Hair

Gray hair is the most visible sign of aging and most people would like to prevent grey hair. Graying hair, like aging is a natural, inescapable process but despite of that people hunt for ways and means to prevent graying.

Graying hair is a process that occurs as a result of reduced production of pigment melanin by the hair bulb or the hair follicle. Melanin is a key pigment that is responsible for imparting color to our hair. Fair complexion is a result of low amount of melanin and dark complexion occurs due to excess of melanin production.

Grey hair can also occur is a person consumes excess of acidic, spicy, sour, greasy, oily and fried food as well as abundant of alcohol, meat, coffee or tea. Excess consumption of these foods takes away moisture and nutrients from the hair follicles and may result in premature graying.The hair follicles might experience a loss of moisture and nutrients when the individual consumes too much This may lead to premature graying.

Gray hair vitamins help in delaying the process of graying. The principal gray hair vitamin is Vitamin B. No other vitamin can overcome the significance of B complex as these are the best of all vitamins for gray hair. These vitamins are basically important for activating the functions of hair follicles and providing moisture to them.

Grey hair vitamins like Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA) and Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5 are vitamins that stimulate nutrient utilization and releases energy for healthy and beautiful hair. Pantothenic acid in combination with folic acid aids in restoring the natural hair color and eventually prevents and reverses premature grey hair.

Vitamins for grey hair can be received through natural food sources such as yoghurt, liver, wheat germ and yeast. These sources provide the essential B vitamins and aids in regulating the production of melanin. The enhanced but controlled production of melanin inhibits the process of graying.

Healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet can therefore help to provide healthy, strong and beautiful hair even at 40s.