April 4, 2008

Common Causes of Hair Loss

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No one wants to face the common problem of hair loss, yet most people do, in fact, experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Over fifty percent of all men experience mild to severe hair loss as they age and women also lose hair as they age. While people loss their hair for different reasons, such as aging, hormones, medications and pregnancy, here are the common reasons why you may experience hair loss.


Aging is the number one cause of hair loss. You see it in men all the time—and you sometimes see noticeable hair loss in older women. As you age, your body changes and hormones change, causing hair loss. Pattern baldness, most commonly seen in men, can also occur in women. This happens because of your heredity or simply because your hair and hair follicles are not as strong as they once where. If you have balding that runs in your family, you are likely to experience the same as you get older.


In women, pregnancy often causes some degree of hair loss. Usually, most women notice that they have thinner hair about three months after they have given birth. After giving birth, hormones in the body are trying to re-adjust, causing hair to fall out. While this type of hair loss is not permanent, it is annoying for women. Vitamins and a good diet are in order to help strengthen the hair and hair follicles.

Medical conditions

There are all sorts of medical conditions and medicines that will cause hair loss. Thyroid disease and early menopause can cause problems with women. Chemotherapy, and antidepressants are known to cause hair loss. Most of the time, if you suffer from hair loss due to a medical condition or medication, normal hair growth will resume after the problem has been corrected.