Remedies for premature graying of hair in teenagers

Premature graying when you are at the threshold of experiencing exciting moments in life such as graduation, a new career, or a wedding can be very irritating. But take heart as there are plenty of natural remedies that will rectify the condition.

Hair follicles are in the deep in the epidermis, the outer layer of skin. The sebaceous gland produces sebum which provides nourishment and luster to the hair. The basic nutrition for the hair has to come through the blood stream, which means that you have to eat right if you want your hair to be in good condition. The graying of hair could be due to a lack of vitamins, a faulty diet, anxiety and stress. It can be attributed to a lack of Vitamin B, iron, copper, and iodine in the diet. Stress and worries can interfere with the supply of essential elements needed for the hair to grow. It can also be due to heredity, an unclean scalp, or a mix up in the hormones.

What are the remedies? In spite of the various reasons for the graying of hair, it is heartening to know that home remedies will help regain normal hair. Indian goose berry is considered the most efficient natural remedy in preventing or repairing graying hair due to its high content of vitamin C. Cut the fruit and dry it in the shade for 10-15 days. These pieces can be boiled in coconut oil until a dark residue remains. You can use this oil to massage your scalp. This oil will nourish your scalp and invigorate hair growth. Warm a little oil everyday and use it to massage your head. You can eat one or two gooseberries everyday to enrich your body for the nutrients to reach the blood stream and hence the scalp.

You can use curry leaves and prepare a herbal oil similarly. Curry leaves are rich sources of iron and vitamins. You can include curry leaves in your diet in the form of chutneys or add it to butter milk. This helps to prevent further graying of hair. You can also try to make oil from ribbed gourd in the similar way by drying it in shade and heating it in coconut oil. This oil will nourish the hair roots and restore the normal hair. You can also break open a vitamin E capsule in the oil. This will nourish and give you healthy hair. Another remedy you can try is to apply butter made of cow's milk on your scalp. As the nutrients for hair should also be supplied through the blood stream, you should also include butter in your meals. You can also eat a cup of yogurt before meals to help hair grow better.

Use a good quality shampoo with Indian Gooseberry, and lemon as its ingredients. For silky and strong hair you can try a mix of 1tsp of fenugreek seed powder in yogurt, apply it on your hair, and wash after half an hour. This will condition and nourish your hair. In addition, eat a well balanced diet with greens, vegetables, fruits, nut, and dairy products. Proteins and calcium are essential for strong and lustrous hair. Brush your hair well to increase blood circulation. Smile your worries and stress away and see your hair grow.

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The condition that you suffer from is known as pre mature graying. The condition is really very rare. The basic symptom of this disorder is the lack of; the ability for regular thicker hair to grow back. Thus the grey hairs, which are comparatively thinner have chance to grow faster than normal and thus causes the sudden appearance of many grey hairs. The reason for premature graying is the improper synthesis of protein. The pigment melanin is responsible for change in the color of our hair. Therefore sometimes if there is a fluctuation of the production of melanin due the improper synthesis of protein and then the grey hair start to grow. The condition is sometimes also hereditary and can be passed on from generation to generation or may skip a generation. Another cause for premature graying is stress an long periods of anxiety. Sometimes the hair may even turn white. other causes identified include worry and sudden shock malnutrition and other conditions that slow don the process of production of melanin and thus causes grey hair. Therefore the apparent logic is to see if any of these factors are affecting your life and then take appropriate measures to remedy these inconsistencies to stop the premature graying f your hair. Therefore the best thing to do is to follow a a proper diet , a good level of scalp hygiene and avoid overstressing your self.

When remedying premature graying it is important to note that sebum is an important substance in maintaining the black appearance and the luster of your hair, therefore keeping these levels high by keeping you hair from drying out excessively will help s well. There are a variety of home remedies that you can try along with maintaining the over condition of your hair. The first remedy involves the use of curry leaves.the curry leaves are effective because they help provide strength for the hair roots. All you have to do is make a paste of the curry leaves and eat them. Otherwise you can put the leaves in coconut oil and then after boiling apply it directly to your hair.

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