What is the natural remedy for scanty menstrual flow?

The funny part is that those with heavy bleeding are always looking for remedies to get a more scanty menstrual flow. In fact, with regards to menstrual flow complaints, that's the most common one. Women with a lighter flow are usually happier because it means less cramping and pain. Understand that the flow is different for different women and can vary even with the same individual. Thus, it might be perfectly normal for you to have a lighter period. At the same time, if you feel uncomfortable, you should visit either your gynecologist or your regular doctor. There are a few facts that you must understand about your monthly cycle. The first is that the blood you see can change, over the days of the monthly period, in both color and consistency. Such changes, including clotting, are indicative of a problem in certain cases. There's also the problem with the idea of a "normal period". Typically just four to about twelve spoons of both blood and fluid, coming from the uterus lining, come out as periods. Also, the typical cycle can vary from 21 to as far as 35 days. Also, the time it lasts can vary from two days to as long as an entire week. It's usually unwarranted bleeding and clots that need to alarm you. It is important to get a proper diagnosis to understand whether changes or problems with your menstrual flow are attributable to medical causes or nutritional problems. Adenomyosis or endometriosis is one of the many conditions which could interfere with menstrual flow.

Generally speaking, the following foods and lifestyle changes can help to get a healthier menses. Iron and zinc are typically what your body needs during your monthly periods. Thus, look for options like dried apricot, green leafy vegetables and even red meats. However, if you have problems with weight or health, red meat should be avoided. Vegetables like spinach, cabbage and the like would be a much better choice. Mint, basil and cinnamon are also great for your periods. While a hot bath can feel fantastic for a woman with cramping problems, for more localized pain due to cramps, a hot water bottle is a great relief. I know that it can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing for women to approach their doctors for queries and concerns related to menstrual problems, but it's something that simply has to be done. Your doctor can help you and even check whether faulty nutrition or hormonal imbalances are the main problem.

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