How to Stop Menstrual Bleeding?

I assume you are suffering from menorrhagia and seeking natural remedy.

Take 2-3 ladies finger fruit (vegetable). cut them along the axis such that it wont separate. Put them in a glass of water overnight. Next morning, squeeze the sticky matter inside into the water and drink this water only. Carry on for one full cycle and your flow will reduce substantially in next cycle.

In case you are bleeding heavily, and would like to reduce the flow in this cycle itself, one gets a herbal fruit called China Fruit (Niranjan Phal) in herb shops. soak one fruit in 1 cup water overnight. It swells and becomes big. squueze the contents in the cup and drink this water. In a matter of 3-4 days flow reduces.

It is also important to keep Haemoglobin levels high. Take overnight soaked dates and 2 almonds daily morning at breakfast.

answered by S B

Your query is vague! Why do you want to stop menstrual flow? If your flow is more, please refer your gynecologist for guidance.

answered by r k

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