Treatment For Damaged Skin By Creams: My Skin Has Been Damaged By Steroid Creams In The Past, And It Has Really Thinned Up My Skin. Kindly Suggest Some Home Remedies.

Steroid creams do lead to damaging side effects. And these effects become worse when the cream has overstayed itself on your body. So try not to let yourself allow that to happen. If you are addicted to using the steroid cream, make a conscious effort to stop using it. Excessive usage of such creams not only damages your skin and creates fine blood vessels all over it, but it also leads to mood swings and acne. In addition to all this, overuse of steroid creams also leads to osteoporosis and the moon face disorder wherein the face imitates the shape of the Moon.

So the first step is, as already mentioned, to stop using the cream altogether. Once you've done that, it's time to pamper your skin with nutrients that will replenish it and undo the damage done. Nourish the skin with agents that help to soothe it and rejuvenate it. You can seek the aid of honey. Honey is known to be a rich nourishing agent and does help to replenish the skin with nutrients that it might have been starved of during the period you used the steroids cream. Mix honey with a little milk and apply it to the affected areas of the skin as frequently as you remember the state in which your skin is in.

Since your skin is in a delicate state right now, remember to switch to mild gentler soaps that contain excessive glycerin. Also, you might want to use cucumbers to cool the skin. Sever cucumbers into very thin slices. After that, place the cucumber slices on the affected areas of the skin and let them lie there for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Also, you might want to take Epsom salt water baths. Such baths replenish the skin and provide much needed relief and nourishment. Raw potato juice and potato peels also help to improve worn out skin.

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