I went tanning and I didn't wear anything. My testicles got burnt and started to peel and now the skin is scaly and dry. Is there anything that will heal this?

Sunburn is basically caused due to an acute cutaneous inflammatory reaction and is caused by the over exposure of our skin to ultraviolet radiations. This happens because the quantity of the sunlight or an ultraviolet source is more than the capacity of the body's melanin to protect skin. Generally sunburn in fair skinned people can occur in less than a twenty minute period and for dark-skinned people it is higher generally up to a couple of hours.

Aloe Vera is an effective remedy in treating sunburn. The gel used to treat the burn can be derived from the plan itself, by squeezing the leaves. The aloe Vera basically acts as a moisturizer for the affected areas and replenishes the dried or burnt surfaces. Aloe Vera is also available in the form of creams or ointments for use. The next time you venture out into the sun make sure you wear a good sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor of at least fifteen. But depending on the amount of sun exposure you will be subject too the number should be higher in a direct relation. Another effective method in treating sunburns is calamine lotion. This has a cooling effect on the burnt areas and also helps moisturize and replenish the dried skin areas.

answered by M W

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