June 2, 2007


Posted in Category : Natural Cures

A Sensitive Knight Interestingly Nonchalant (SKIN) is the way I refer the most vital and natural raincoat! Skin care is thereby essential and exfoliation is an important technique to keep your skin glowing. This is a procedure that can be done once a week, as over-doing the same might prove sickening for your skin, resulting in inflammation. Dead skin removal for new cells’ growth is a simpler way of defining skin exfoliation. Individuals with oily skin tend to flood dead skin cells, thus enabling the dead cells to remain. Dry skin aggregates dead cells, giving a dry and dull look. A striking decline in perceptible lines and folds is a result of exfoliation.

Manual exfoliating products are accessible. Wondering about their availability? Apart from the commercially available natural exfoliating masks or scrubs, a look around the departmental store reveals a few more, such as a loofah, a silk appendage, a washcloth and so on. Chemical exfoliates available are creams, gels and lotions. Remember to follow the latter with a sunscreen use, as it increases sensitivity to skin.

Try checking out these!
- A mixture of sugar, lime juice and salt applied and left for half an hour on the face is effective.
- A cup of raw cider vinegar in the bath rejuvenates the skin.
- Application of corn meal and buttermilk in the ratio of 1:2 helps.
- A mask prepared from equal amounts of semolina and milk proves beneficial.