I had a baby almost a year ago, and I would like to know how to stop my milk flow?

It is generally recommended to stop breast feeding the child after one year and usually the body stops producing milk once you stop feeding. However sometimes the process takes very long once the body has become accustomed to producing milk and you have to take certain steps to stop the production of milk. Whenever you decide to stop breast-feeding your child, remember not to wean abruptly for that will cause stress to both you and your child. Wean gradually, reducing the frequency of feedings over a short period of time till both the baby and your body get accustomed to it. When you start the process, don't feed your baby to relieve the pressure for that will only reverse the process. Also avoid using pumping machines or any other nipple stimulation once you've made the decision to stop feeding.

Once you start the process, be prepared for a certain level of discomfort. Apply cold packs on your breasts for relief from the sore sensation as well as the swelling. Do not apply heating pads since this aggravates the condition. You can also apply fresh or ice-cold cabbage leaves on your breasts and replace them when they wilt, since this helps to reduce the milk flow. Avoid binding your breasts or wearing tight bras since this will increase the pain and not help to reduce the flow. Instead opt for comfortable sports bras that offer adequate support. Finally increase your water intake since that also helps to stop production of milk.

answered by M W

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