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Lactation is a very important part of the whole childbirth process and allows the mother to have enough quantities of breast milk to allow the child a full feed. However, some women tend to experience a number of problems with this physiological process where the production of breast milk in the body may continue well after the child has stopped weaning. As a result, a number of women suffering from this complication are on the lookout for natural methods of stopping breast milk production as a result of the fact that it can be a very uncomfortable as well as socially embarrassing experience were the breasts to leak at a social event as a result of being too full.

One of the most commonly used methods of stopping breast milk production is to simply take a few hormonal pills that are engineered to achieving this result. Besides this one of the other stop breast feeding tips also include avoiding pumping the milk out of the breast for a period of time. By doing so the body will realize that the breast feeding period is over and milk production will cease as a result of control. In the event this hasn't helped in your situation, it is highly suggested that you approach your doctor, especially in an attempt to have the lumps analyzed in detail.

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Is there anything that helps stop lactation?

Lactation is a natural process where milk is produced in the breasts to feed newborn babies. The process of lactation in the woman's body is stimulated by various hormones that are produced in response to child birth. The production of milk is the primary function of the breasts. Lactation is often a difficult time for mothers, particularly for women who have just given birth for the first time. The breasts may be tender and painful to touch. Often, the process of feeding the child is painful. Thus one might need some method to stop lactation so that the baby can be weaned off of breast milk.

Lactation needs to be stopped in any case as it allows for the development of a more comprehensive diet for the baby. There are some herbs to stop lactation which have been used in traditional communities for many centuries with great effect. Parsley is one such herb that can be used to be added to dishes that are prepared. This is especially effective when added to a fresh salad. Although cabbage is not a herb, it can be used to provide relief to engorged breasts. Cold cabbage leaves can be placed between the innerwear and the breasts to provide relief.

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After birth, how long until breasts stop lactating?

Lactation is one of the most important biomechanical aspects of child birth. It is the primary source of nutrition for the newborn baby as its immune system starts to develop and be able to defend itself against the many threats to the baby's health. When it comes to lactation after breastfeeding, it is important to understand that the production of milk in the mother's breast works on a very simple supply and demand basis. This means that as long as you are breastfeeding the milk stored in the breast is utilized, thereby prompting the cells in the breasts to produce more milk. However, if you are still lactating after stopping breastfeeding, this is not likely to continue for very long if you do not pump your breast as the body will understand that there is no requirement for the breast milk.

While there is always the option of switching to hormone tablets that are regular used in an effort to stop lactation, you could also use the simple mechanical process of applying a tight compression bandage for a couple of days. In the event that the production of breast milk continues even after that, it is highly recommended that you approach your doctor and have him analyze the situation.

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How safe are medications that help stop lactation?

The process of lactation is normally stimulated by child birth and by the subsequent suckling action of the child. A woman's breasts are primarily designed to produce milk although there are other functions that they serve as well. First time mothers may face plenty of issues when they lactate. Some of the side effects of lactation include breast tenderness and soreness. Many women wish to speed up the process of weaning their babies off breast milk. In some cases, this has already been achieved. However, the production of breast milk may continue, thus causing discomfort and pain to the woman.

In such a situation, one may use medication to stop lactation. Lactation suppression through medication, however, is fraught with many dangers. The hormone estrogen is injected into the woman's body to stop lactation. This will, in most cases, be successful. However, the problem with such an approach is the risk of potentially life threatening side effects. One may even develop blood clots as a result of this. Thus, it is better to let the breasts slow their own milk production down by stopping all stimulation and expulsion of milk. Cool packs can be used to tide over the pain at this point.

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A tincture or tea of salvia (sage) is often used  to stop lactation.

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