April 29, 2010

Dealing with Irregular Bowel Movements in Newborn Babies

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Every baby is different when it comes to bowel movement. Some newborn babies eliminate as many as six to eight times a day, while others may not even do it for a week at a stretch. Usually, it happens because the baby absorbs the breast milk he/she is being fed. There is nothing to worry about if the newborn has no bowel movement as long as he is urinating regularly. The baby must wet about five to six diapers a day. If you are concerned, you just need to visit a pediatrician regularly to keep a check on the baby’s weight gain. If the baby is gaining weight normally, he is getting all the necessary nutrients and everything is fine with him even if he does not eliminate at all for a few days. Other than the number of times he urinates, you must also keep an eye on his behavior. If he is happy and comfortable, there is nothing wrong with him in spite of no bowel movement. However, if he has no bowel movement and if he cries, seems uncomfortable and irritable, and if you feel that his abdomen is hard, you must schedule a check up with the doctor. If you see these symptoms, your baby could be suffering from constipation, which is another common problem that newborn babies face.

Toddlers Bowel Movement

If your baby is constipated, you can try to bring him relief yourself. Usually, constipation is caused if the baby’s feed has been switched from breast milk to formula. If that is the case, you must give him smaller amounts of formula. Since the baby is too young, you must not administer him anything without consulting your pediatrician. One of the easiest things to do is massage your baby’s tummy gently. Do it in clockwise circular motion and then up and down motion several times in a day. You can also very gently press his knees towards his tummy or move his legs in cycling motion to induce bowel movement. You could also give a little cooled boiled water to the baby to help him pass motion. Giving a warm bath to the baby would also help him to pass stools. After giving a bath, you can apply a little petroleum jelly or any cream to the outer area of the rectum to make him pass motion without strain. Check with the pediatrician and try to give the baby some flax oil mixed with formula.