April 9, 2010

How to Increase Production of Breast Milk Using Home Remedies

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A common worry amongst nursing mothers, especially first time mothers, is whether their supply of breast milk is adequate or not. By and large, most mothers will have no trouble producing enough breast milk for their child. In fact, mothers of twins and even triplets have been known to have no problem in meeting the requirements of all their infants.  However, many mothers are unable to produce adequate quantities of breast milk and are looking for ways of increasing their production and supply of breast milk.

There are many home remedies that you can try for increasing your production of breast milk. Before considering any of these methods, you should first find out if your supply of breast milk is indeed inadequate. Your doctor will be the best person to advise you in this regard. If your baby is soiling his or her diapers often enough and has a satisfactory rate of growth, then your supply of breast milk is obviously adequate. In case your doctor judges your supply of breast milk to be inadequate, then you can take certain measures at home to increase your supply of breast milk.

Eating a balanced nutritious diet is essential if your body is to produce enough breast milk. Eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits and drink enough water to keep your body healthy. Exercising regularly will also help you to maintain good health.

The first step you can take is to change your baby’s nursing habits. This is because the quantity of breast milk produced depends on the frequency and timing of your baby’s nursing schedule. Increase nursing frequency to an average of once every two to three hours. This will help to increase the production and supply of breast milk. Keep a watch on which breast you use while nursing and switch sides after the breast has been emptied completely.

Massage your breasts prior to nursing so as to stimulate the flow of milk. You can use a clean cloth dipped in warm water and gently massage the area around the nipples, pressing the breast against the chest. This will stimulate the flow of milk from the ducts. After massaging lean forward and commence nursing.

The positioning of the baby while nursing is important. Choose a comfortable position that allows your baby to latch on and suckle properly. If your baby has not latched on to your nipple properly, he or she will not be able to feed properly which will eventually tell on his or her health as well as the supply of breast milk.

Using a breast pump to pump milk is another great way to increase breast milk supply. Pumping for about 15 minutes every two to three hours will ensure that your breasts produce enough breast milk to meet all your baby’s requirements. However, this method is not without its drawbacks. Frequent pumping can lead to cracked and sore nipples which can be very painful. To prevent this it is essential to use nipple creams after using a pump.

Another popular home remedy to increase breast milk production is to consume fennel and fenugreek seeds in the form of a tea. These herbs are reputed to act as glactoggues, substances that help the body to produce milk. While no scientific studies have been performed on these herbs, they are reputed to help increase milk production. You should boil the seeds in water and let it steep for half an hour before straining it and drinking the tea.

Drinking alcohol and smoking or consuming tobacco can also lead to a decrease in breast milk production and should be discontinued at least during pregnancy and while nursing.

These measures to increase breast milk supply are not infallible and may not work in cases of hormonal disorders, nutritional deficiencies and certain other medical conditions. If your supply of breast milk remains low you should bring it to your doctor’s attention. It may be time to consider supplementing your breast milk with a formula food.


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