My daughter got an infection after popping a pimple on my upper lip. She went to a skin doctor that gave her antibiotics for the infection but now she has a brown scar. How can she get rid of the scar?

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Getting rid of a scar largely depends upon the age and quality of the scar in question. If your daughter's scar is not too old, you may be able to lighten it effectively, but if it is more than six months old, you may not be able to do even that, never mind get rid of it altogether. But you must at least try all possible methods to get rid of the scar. There are some easily available at home, but for some, you may well have to venture out and spend quite a lot of money. Using silicone gel is one such method. Though applying silicone will ease the scar out of existence, it is not easily available. You may have to go to a specialty store to get it and even then, it may cost a lot of money.

At home, you can try something simpler like applying a mix of yogurt and lime juice to the scar. Both bleaching agents, they could help in lightening it. Make a mix of some baking soda with cucumber juice and apply this to the scar. Leave it on till it dries and then wash off. The starch from the juice of raw potatoes is also considered to be very useful in lightening dark spots and scars on skin.

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Pimple scar treatment

Unfortunately, there is almost nothing that can be done to get rid of a scar. Your daughter will just need to accept the scar as part of her face and move on. Most scars do get lighter with time, sometimes fading enough to be almost unnoticeable, so this might be some consolation. However, no treatment will completely get rid of the scar.

Your daughter can try some home remedies that may help the scar fade faster, but remember that these will work very slowly and may even not work at all. Rubbing lemon juice on a scar is supposed to make it fade — you can try rubbing a mixture of lemon juice and sandalwood powder. Aloe gel is also beneficial for the skin and can help the scar to heal faster. The same goes for vitamin E, which is available as an oil at most medical stores. In general, your daughter should keep her skin clean and well hydrated. She should drink enough water daily and use a moisturizer if necessary.

In future, ensure that your daughter never pops a pimple. Even scratching a pimple can cause it to get infected. It is therefore best to avoid touching a pimple at all.

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