Treating and Preventing Pimple Growth

by Sam Malone

First of all, there is no way to get rid of pimples and dark spots within a day. Your friends may give you a lot of advice, including popping the pimple. However, this can lead to formation of even more pimples, just worsening the problem! Also, any hasty action will damage the skin, leading to the scars that look like dark spots. You best way forward to show a little patience; with the right treatment you can enjoy a completely pimple-free skin within days. If you also follow a sensible skin care regime, you can prevent another attack of pimples.

A pimple is nothing but a blocked oil gland on the skin's surface. The blockage traps sebum, an oil-like natural moisturizer inside the oil gland, where it is quickly infected by bacteria. The body immediately begins to fight the infection, which causes the tiny bump (pimple) on the skin's surface. If you pop the pimple, the live bacteria inside can easily infect more areas of the skin. If you leave it alone, a pimple will dry out and disappear in about ten days, after the bacteria are killed by the body. However, you can speed up this process using over-the-counter medication. You can also try natural products such as aloe vera gel or tea tree oil. Both of these have powerful ingredients that can destroy the bacteria, and help the skin to heal, preventing any scarring. Some people also use a thick paste of baking powder and water over a pimple, since this is believed to dry out and remove pimple. Garlic is also used in a paste, along with a few drops of honey. However, this can sting a bit and is not recommended for sensitive skin. For the dark spots, try applying a little lime juice, which can bleach the discolored spots.

Maintaining good hygiene can help to prevent pimples. Try using a mild cleanser containing salicylic acid in the morning and evening. This is a great exfoliating agent and helps to remove dead skin cells and grime, which could otherwise block the oil glands. During the day, keep splashing cool water on your face to remove pollutants and dust. Avoid any oily skin products or makeup. In your diet, include fresh fruits and vegetable that provide your skin with healthy nutrition. Try to keep away from fried, oil, or processed foods for a while. Regular exercise can help boost all the body systems, including your ability to fight the infection causing pimples.

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