I had rotator cuff surgery done and also went in with a frozen shoulder. There are lot of scar tissues and they are inflamed. Is there something that might help with the scar tissue and the inflammation?

I strongly recommend you check out Serrapeptase.  It breaks down scar tissue.  I broke my shoulder in March and have just started taking it.  It's helping already.

answered by n b

The rotator-cuff is a group of muscles in the shoulder region of the upper body. Together with the joint between the scapula (shoulder blade bone) and humerus (bone of the upper arm) also known as the ball and socket joint which holds the arm in place, they are responsible for the rotatory and transverse movement of the upper arm, using the shoulder-joint as the point or axis of rotation. In lay parlance, the rotator-cuff joint along with the associated muscles is responsible for any movement of your upper arm using your shoulder .Also, the ball and socket joint as is evident by the name is so-called as the joint is essentially the protrusion also known as the head of the humerus fitting into a groove in the shoulder blade which is very much similar to a ball and socket. A rotator-cuff surgery is performed when one of the tendons joining the muscles to the bones in the shoulder region is torn because of an injury.

On the other hand a frozen shoulder is caused when the connective tissues in the shoulder region become inflamed. It gradually stiffens, thus greatly restricting motion as well as causing enormous pain. In your case, the frozen shoulder seems to be the main reason for your rotator-cuff surgery. An inflammation in simple words is the response of the immune system to an injury which results in swelling and pain. It is the body's defense mechanism of mending itself. But swelling and inflammation are known to cause great inconvenience to the patient and hence certain medication is described to reduce the inflammation and the resulting pain. You mentioned that you were on Predisone for a week. Predisone is a steroid. A steroid's function is essentially to weaken the immune system, which in turn results in reduction in the intensity of inflammation and swelling. Because it weakens your immune system, steroids like 'Predisone' need to be taken on the prescription and guidance of a qualified physician only.

In addition to consumption of medically prescribed drugs, you should give complete rest to the affected area, with no movement whatsoever. Also, ice may be applied on the inflamed area which is known to provide relief. Hot water Fomentation, which essentially is the placing of cloth napkins dipped in hot water, on the affected areas may also be resorted to. You should also take care of your diet and you must include as much of fresh fruit and vegetables along with high-protein sources like soy bean and poultry products. At any point of time, if there is excessive pain and inflammation you must show a doctor immediately.

answered by G R

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