How to cure low back pain


Lower back pain in one of the common problems in many individuals and tends to develop as the individual grows in years. The cure for lower back pain can only be suggested and treated after the low back pain causes in women or men is diagnosed. Back pain could be due to several different reasons like osteoporosis, sponddylosis, and stenosis of the spine or a herniated disc. Other problems which are the cause of a low back pain are pregnancy, tumors, ovarian problems or kidney problems.

Kidney problems include infections, bleeding of the kidneys or hematoma, or kidney stones. These problems can be diagnosed with and ultrasound scan, a urine analysis or imaging of the abdomen. Low back pain can also be caused by tumors which could be either malignant or benign. These tumors originate in the spinal cord, the pelvis or on the spinal bone. The symptoms could be pain which is localized or severe pain which radiates to other parts and causes loss of muscle and nerve function depending on whether the tumors have affected the tissues of the nerves. These can be assessed by MRI scanning, CAT scan, nuclear bone scan or X-rays. Ovarian problems which bring on low back pain are endometriosis, uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts. Pregnancy causes back pain because of the stress on the lumbar region and the curvature with the positioning of the baby. Estrogen and relaxin which are female hormones cause the ligaments to loosen and create more discomfort. The cure for the low back pain will be according to the problem which is causing it.


Low back pain treatment would focus mainly on seeking to cure the problem which is causing it and thus make use of other methods of pain relief which are permitted under the circumstances. Pain management has many different avenues of treatment and has to be given according to the patient's problem as well as their health condition.


Low back pain relief has to be prescribed as per the low back pain causes and treatment which is relevant to it. If there is severe strain of the lumbar region certain home remedies could prove to be effective. The symptoms can help to decipher the cause of the pain to a certain extent and temporary relief can be provided until the proper diagnosis is made. Yogic exercises, acupressure, massage therapy and physiotherapy can all help depending on the cause. If the problem is curable then the pain can disappear, if not it may need prolonged treatment and pain management.


Relief for low back pain can be obtained by low back pain exercises and stretches. The low back pain exercises could be part of yoga therapy or physiotherapy according to the problem. Exercises for lower back pain are mainly for strengthening the muscles of the back. The muscles which provide support to the lower part of your back which are also known as the core muscles support the spine. The pelvic floor, trunk muscles and abdominal muscles need to be strengthened to give proper support to the spine. They form a corset which holds the spine firmly in place. A qualified physiotherapist can train one to do the right exercise for low back pain and get relief. However, before going in for any kind of therapy and treatment it is best to get the problem diagnosed by a doctor initially and then go in for pain relief treatment.


There are several causes of a more serious type which cause low back pain. Shingles is one such infection which is severe and painful. It affects the nerves that give sensation to the skin on any one side of the spine. This normally affects people who have suffered with chicken pox earlier and the infection gets reactivated in the sensory nerves on the back. The pain is often experienced before the rashes affect the body. The pain in the lower back which is neuralgic with shingles is acute. Treatment is symptomatic for this infection and the pain related to it.

Aortic Aneurysms cause severe throbbing pain in the lower back region sometimes though most often there are no symptoms. If they grow to a large size the only treatment is surgery with grafting for the part affected. TB of the spine is another reason for lower back pain and needs long drawn treatment. In people who are on blood thinning medication there can be pelvic bleeding which though rare can cause a sciatica pain. There could also be infection of the pelvic region because of Crohn's disease, colitis or appendicitis and this could cause severe lower back pain. The state of the patient could be critical if these conditions are not treated immediately.

Treating low back pain

Apart from medication and various other therapies there are low back pain relief exercises for treating low back pain. These exercises are yoga poses and asanas which give relief to almost any kind of pain. Being inactive is also the cause for lower back pain and it helps to indulge in some kind of daily exercise and physical activity to keep your back muscles well toned and remain fit.


Back pain during pregnancy is difficult to deal with as there is extra pressure on the lumbar region because of the fetus growing in the mother's womb. The only effective way to get low back pain relief during pregnancy is to get low back pain management which is safe for the mother and child at this time. Lower back pain during pregnancy can interfere with the normal life of the mother to be and cripple the quality of her life during this period. The mother starts bending backwards to compensate for the weight of her tummy and this puts stress on her pelvic region and lower back. Sitting in a chair with an additional pillow for a back rest with your feet on a stool will give some relief to the stress on the lumbar region. However, getting the advice of the doctor in charge is recommended.

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Home remedies for back pain

  • Boil at least 10 garlic cloves in mustard oil and let it simmer till the cloves turn black. Let the oil cool and then strain it and apply all over your back 2 times daily till your pain reduces. You can also substitute the garlic cloves with 5 clove spices or boil them together in the oil. Boil at least 100 gms of oil and use it regularly. Even after your pain subsides, you can massage your back once before going to bed at night.
  • Apply hot water bag or a heated pad to your back 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Sleep on a firm mattress and try lying straight on your back for 15 to 20 minutes before turning on your sides.
  • You an also take alternate hot and cold showers or fermentation to restore blood circulation when the pain aggravates.
  • If you are working for a long time sitting in one position, then try getting up for 5 minutes and stretch your back, hands and calf muscles.
  • Always sit straight and support your back. While sitting you can sit in an inclined position but keep changing your position.
  • Avoid bending and performing any form of strenuous manual work.
  • Carrying or picking heavy objects should be strictly avoided.

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