Can drinking of alcohol give back pains. My father suffers from lower back pain. He tries the hot packs but they don't seem to work. Please give me advice on how we can help him.

Back Pain Remedies

There has been no known medical research or evidence to indicate that drinking alcohol can give back pain. It night be caused due to overuse of muscles, injury, strain osteoarthritis, fracture or spinal deformities. If the pain is persist and has been troubling your father for a long time, you should consult your doctor for the underlying cause of the pain. For symptomatic relief, you can try these natural cures.

You can try applying ice packs for pain relief if the heat is not alleviating his back pain. Or apply hot and cold compression alternatively.

Ask your father not to remain sitting in one position for too long. He should get up and walk around a little or stretch his back, arms and legs. While sitting, he should keep changing his position often. He should use a chair that provides good back support.

You can give him a back massage with warm coconut or mustard oil. Apply pressure to his lower back gently with the tips of your fingers for 8 to 10 minutes. Repeat this as often as he gets lower back pain.
At all times, he should sit straight, maintain an erect posture while walking and preferably lie down on his back for some time before turning on the sides.

answered by D D

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