Information regarding sharp chest pains and back aches

Coming to any kind of diagnosis or conclusion on the basis of just this much information is not possible. There are many possibilities that could be true, but they would all depend upon many factors. Some of the important factors would be age, medical history and any prior disease that she might have had which could be leading to these two problems. Also, there is no plausible connection between chest pains and back aches. While back aches can be explained and taken care of without medical assistance, the same cannot be said of sharp chest pains. If your wife is suffering from these pains for more than a week, you should get a medical opinion quickly, as this could be a harbinger of many things, beginning from gas and hyper acidity to heart trouble. Once you have a medical opinion on the matter, it would become easier to recommend methods to deal with the pains as well.

Usually, chest pains, if they are dead center of the torso, indicate extreme acidity. Sharp pains can be caused by excessive gas which is lodges somewhere in the system and is refusing to budge out of there. Sometimes, it could also be a muscle pull or a catch that is giving your wife these pains. If the pain can be pin pointed, then you should start trying to take care of it by gently rubbing the area with warm mustard oil. This will serve to release gas as well as ease a muscle ache or spasm. Try this intermittently all day to see if it works. For an ache in the lower back, it could be the result of an injury of some kind. It is also possible that she has an ache in her lower back if she is overweight, with most of the excess weight resting on her stomach.

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