Should you use a heating pad to try to relieve lower back pain or kidney pain?

Back pain is a very common ailment particularly in the lower back region. This is not a condition by itself but rather a symptom of an underlying problem or cause, such as an injury or spinal problem. Back pain can either be acute, that is it has been there for about a month or it can be chronic, if the pain stays for a longer period of time. As mentioned earlier back pain is merely a symptom. Many a times the pain that emanates from an internal organ may be experienced in the back. This form of pain is termed as referred pain. Intra abdominal disorders like bladder infection, pelvic infections, kidney ailments and ovarian disorders can cause this type of pain. However, this is just one of the causes of back pain. There can be several other reasons that can lead to back pain as well such as spinal degeneration, spinal stenosis and so on. Lower back pain can vary in form and intensity depending on what it causing it.

Back pain can be treated with simple home remedies. Simply eating 3-4 garlic pods in a day will also help to a large extent. You could also apply garlic oil on the area that is aching. Take 2 tablespoons of sesame oil, mustard oil or coconut oil and heat it on a low fire in a pan. Add 3-4 garlic pods to the hot oil and fry till they turn golden brown. Now strain the oil into a jar, once it reaches a favorable temperature massage it into the back. Mint oil has also been found to be useful for treating backaches. A few drops of this warm oil can also be gently massaged into the back to gain relief.

Another very popular remedy is the use of potatoes. Take 2-3 medium sized potatoes, peel them and dice them. Now boil the diced potato in 3 cups of boiling water, and mash it once cooked. Once the mashed potatoes have cooled, apply a generous amount on the back, and hold it in place with a clean cloth, for at least 30 minutes. Basil leaves can also help in relieving back pain. Add 10-15 basil leaves to one cup of water and boil the two. Once the water has been reduced to half of its original quantity, strain in into a glass. Add a pinch of salt and then drink the decoction. This should be done on a daily basis for optimum results.

answered by M W

Treatment for back pain -

  1. Heating pad can be used for relieving low back pain or kidney pain, but a large ice bag is more beneficial for such pain.
  2. Much better is to use both. Hot as well as cold fermentation. This helps to relieve back pain drastically.

answered by D M K

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