I have pimples n wrinkles on face if i use castor oil on face, Does it cause more pimples or not.

Home remedies for pimples

Castor oil in itself has a very thick base and is generally used in combination of two or more oils. It is doubtful whether castor oil increases pimple activity as it is used as an acne remedy. Rather than applying just plain castor oil you could try mixing it with olive oil or lavender essential oil or evening primrose oil to combat wrinkles as well as acne. After application the oil must be wiped off or washed away. It should not be allowed to stay on the face for a long period of time. Since castor oil properties include bringing out the grime and oil from beneath to the surface of the pores, it is imperative that you get rid of the oil after 20 minutes or so.

Another way of treating acne through castor oil: To begin with steam your face to open up the pores. Wash the face with cold water which will cleanse the pores. Use a clean cloth to scour off dead cells present on the face. The cloth should then be rinsed in hot water. Do this 3 - 4 times till you feel squeaky clean. Most importantly every time you wipe your face, the cloth has to be rinsed in hot water.

Once your face feels clean, take the combination of oils in your palm and gently massage onto your damp skin. Massage the oil till the skin feels supple and there is oily appearance visible.

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