Hi my face is full of pimples and when ever pimples are removed a red mark remains. Please tell me a treatment for this and my skin is so oily during summer days.

Pimples are usually brought on by dead skin cells that stick to and clog the pores, thereby not allowing skin to breathe freely. The best solution for both pimples and marks left by them is exfoliation. Dampen your face and use a mix of sugar crystals, yogurt and rose water to scrub it. Wash with soap and warm water. The benefits of scrubbing are fresh and glowing skin, open pores which will expel toxins easily and improved circulation. To keep pimples from reappearing, add a spoon of dried and ground orange peels to the scrub. Alternately, you can also add a few drops of lime or lemon juice. This will sanitize your face and also help lighten your scars.

If you have excessively oily skin, you would also do well to cut down on your general oil consumption. This will automatically help in making your skin look cleaner. To reduce the oil quotient in your skin, you can take a tomato, chop it into two, and rub it all over your face to cleanse excessive oil from it. In order to get rid of old scars, you can apply fresh aloe vera gel to them so that they will lighten and also tone your skin considerably. For relief from any kind of pain associated with pimples, you can make a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water and apply this.

answered by M W

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