Keep Your Chin Up

by Rachel Bhan

A chin reduction surgery is more of a cosmetic rather than medical procedure. In this surgical procedure, the jaw bone is detached and reshaped, making the chin smaller. This reshaping of the bone and change in the face’s contour can make a big difference to the shape of the face.

Considered a relatively safe and harmless procedure, it is also important that the procedure is done by an experienced surgeon. Often this procedure is combined with other cosmetic surgeries like eyelid lift, forehead correction, lip correction and other procedures to correct the contour of the face.

Chin reductions are often done by women to reduce the masculine traits in appearances. In rare cases, congenital disorders make these surgeries essential. In these disorders, the mandible is much larger than normal and needs to be reduced for normal functioning. The mandible is the jaw bone that is reshaped in such surgeries. There are also cases where extreme habits of gum chewing and teeth clenching can lead to an increase in the muscle. Muscle reduction is also done through this procedure.

There is a big difference in before and after stages where a chin reduction procedure is concerned. During the procedure, the doctor will make a cut below the lips and under the chin. The bone is dislodged to reshape it. The muscles are accordingly reduced and put around the bone.

Swelling, possible infections, small nerve damage and possible reactions to the anesthesia are some of the possible complications that can happen as a result of this procedure.  It is important that you get an experienced surgeon for the job if you want to avoid these complications.

The actual effect of the chin reduction procedure is not evident till the patient completely heals. This surgery is done under general anesthesia. The effect of anesthesia itself takes some time to recover from.  The complete recovery takes about three months. It’s only after that you are able to see the actual results of the procedure.

Another procedure common with the chin is chin lift. The chin lift is a procedure where the extraneous fat around the chin is removed and the muscle is reshaped to give a more definite contour and shape to the chin, and therefore the face.  The chin lift is often used to deal with problems like a sagging chin (due to aging) or double chin (extra fat around the chin). Chin lifts are very common along with other cosmetic procedures to improve the skin tone.

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