last night i thought i might have bitten my tounge cause it was painful on the right side and looked a little swollen.

Your mentioning about stinging pain indicates an insect bite. Swollen face is also a result of a wisdom tooth. Consult your dentist for further guidance. Allergy to certain foods also causes swollen face or edema. The former is revealed by changes in the skin color, brought about by the insect bite. Checking out for any stings or dark dots confirms an insect bite. Bell's palsy is another issue to be considered. It is not a disorder, but paralysis of the facial muscles is seen to occur. Weakness and twitching are also seen to occur. One side of the face is paralyzed. A part of the face looks dull and droopy. Though the issue fails to last forever, the temporary effect is troublesome. Bad cold, diabetes, ear infection and cold sores also contribute. Diagnostic tests, such as tear test, hearing test, electrical test, imaging and balance test help in confirming the complication. Facial nerve disorders are managed by an otolaryngologist. The most common causes are infection or simple swelling. The former is treated with antibiotics, whereas the latter calls the need for steroids. Decompression or bone removal from the adjacent area by surgery is recommended.

answered by Dr C

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