What are the benefits of mayonnaise and sugar?

I am afraid I am unable to comprehend your question. Are you looking for a link between mayonnaise and sugar? Or are you trying to see what harm these can cause? Sugar, especially refined white sugar, is one of the most unhealthy food items in use today. A great many of the disorders that we suffer from have their origins in food items that have a high content of sugar. Most remedies for weight loss, or treating piles, suggest that the intake of sugar should be drastically cut down. This also helps one lose weight.

On the other hand sugar is also used when one feels dizzy. A dizzy spell, it is believed, is caused by low sugar levels in the body. And the easiest remedy for a dizzy or fainting spell is to mix a spoonful of sugar in a glass of water along with a pinch of salt. Drinking this helps your body recover almost instantly. Some home remedies for problems like lice actually call for mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is rubbed into the scalp and left over night. In the morning it is washed off. Repeated applications of this were effective in getting rid of lice. Mayonnaise is often used on hair. It is rubbed into the scalp and left on for a little while. When it is washed away the hair is soft and has a great shine to it and is wonderfully moisturized.

answered by G M

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