How To Get Rid Of Sexual Weakness

Sexual weakness could be related to erectile dysfunction (inability to obtain a full erection) or premature ejaculation (reaching the orgasm too fast). It is a common issue with many men and was considered a taboo before, but with a right treatment things can be easily worked out. Causes for any sexual weakness could be physical like sexually transmitted diseases, nervous debility, hypertension, diabetes, hormonal disorders, alcohol abuse or other drug abuse, enlarged prostate and certain medications or non-physical like any psychological problems, depression, anxiety, stress, guilt or trauma. For an accurate treatment it is very important to rule out any cause for sexual weakness. Besides keep the following tips in mind to improve your sexual weakness over the time:

  • Perform kegel exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles. For this contract your buttocks for a second as though you are tying to stop or delay a bowel movement and then leave. Repeat 10-15 times per session and several times a day.
  • Say good words to your partner, praise her body, some foreplay before the main event would also help a lot to keep a penis erect.
  • Avoid keeping too long gaps between your sexual acts and learn to have control over your body by stimulating your penis till it reaches the stage of ejaculation then stopping it. Repeat the process until you learn to control your erection and ejaculation.
  • Don't exercise before a sexual activity, as it would simply draw the blood away from penis to the organs which are used in exercise.
  • Relax. Think positive. Avoid smoking. Have a balanced meal which is low in fats and cholesterol and exercise regularly to maintain good health.

answered by Dr S

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