April 21, 2010

Natural Treatment and Cure for Phimosis

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Phimosis is a condition that affects a man’s penis. It is the condition where the foreskin, the flap of skin that folds over the head of the penis, cannot be retracted. In adult males who have not been circumcised, the foreskin is normally able to move smoothly over the head of the penis without any obstruction. The foreskin may also be pulled back sufficiently enough to expose the entire head of the penis. An adult male who is affected by phimosis is unable to perform this action and the inability to do so can cause problems relating to sexual performance as the act of intercourse may be painful.

The foreskin of the penis is not retractable in an infant or a young child. This is considered to be a normal part of development. As the child grows into puberty the foreskin naturally separates itself from the head of the penis, allowing for complete retraction. This becomes a particularly important function for the male in terms of hygiene, especially with cleaning of the penis and its head as well as in terms of sexual intercourse or masturbation. An acute case of phimosis may create problems for the person when he would want to pass urine, as this action may either be restricted or become troublesome. This is when phimosis becomes a medical emergency.

In most cases of phimosis diagnosis the inability to retract the foreskin is a new symptom that earlier did not exist in the person. This means that it has developed and has become a problem during adult life itself. This is known as acquired phimosis. Possible causes for this type of phimosis include infections around the head area of the penis due to lack of hygiene, or improper techniques of masturbation.

Treatment & Remedy

Phimosis may be treated by surgery. Some doctors rush straight to a circumcision as the immediate option to cure this condition. While circumcision does sort out the issue, it also removes the foreskin completely which may not be comfortable for the patient and would also affect the patient’s sexual performance. Many people however prefer to have their foreskin intact and for them, other treatments are available. The most popular non – surgical method is the application of steroid creams under advice from a doctor. Such creams are applied on the narrow opening of the foreskin to encourage it to stretch. Some doctors suggest repeated stretching of the foreskin until the opening becomes large enough. This stretching can happen over a period of time and causes the skin to expand by growing new cells. It is likely to be a permanent and pain free solution.