How to Manage your Hypersexuality

by Sam Malone

Hypersexuality behavior is one of the more common as aspects of an individual suffering from bipolar disorder and causes the affected individual to continuously look to satisfy his or her sexual appetite. The condition can be a cause for tremendous amount of worry amongst loved ones of the affected individual that may fear for the patients physical as well as sexual health. Considering that the occurrence is also one of the first symptoms of an individual being affected by bipolar disorder, picking up the symptom is usually one of the first indications that something may be wrong with the individual. However, it is important to be able to identify correctly when it is a case of hypersexuality and not just a heightened sexual urge as the medical condition will see the problem periodically take over the individual's lifestyle to a significant extent. Hypersexuality is also known to be a rather vulnerable time for both parties in a relationship and, without the right kind of attention, could even be the cause of breaking up families and personal turmoil.

Looking for signs of a sexual addiction or hypersexuality includes identifying habits such as compulsive masturbation, the compulsive urge to engage in sexual intercourse with a prostitute as well as engaging in multiple anonymous meetings with sexual partners - most often even outside a committed relationship. Understanding how to control hypersexuaity bipolar disorder is a very important part of being able to help a patient through this rather difficult time. Because of the fact that the symptom of hypersexuality is more closely associated with the manic phase of bipolar disorder, there is a significant chance that the individual will later on regret his or her actions. Moreover, studies have also shown that hypersexuality is also characterized by the need for frequent genital stimulation that does not necessarily result in satisfaction, thereby encouraging a heightened level of sexual stimulation. Treatment of hypersexuality in bipolar disorder will, first and foremost require proper diagnosis by a trained physician or doctor. Once the condition has been diagnosed through a series of tests, the doctor will prescribe a few medications that will serve to provide some balance in the chemical composition of the body, thereby providing more stability. Because of the seriousness of the condition, there are no home remedies suggested and all treatment should be provided by a trained physician with the help of mostly prescription medication.

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